1. Garden Party

Celebrate in style

Big event coming up – a wedding, birthday, reunion perhaps – but struggling to decide what to wear? Remember the golden rule: comfort is key. Finding your best-self outfit is all about confidence, whether that means modern tailoring or a show-stopping dress is down to you. Because the celebrations that matter, are about so much more than what you’re wearing.

Open necklace with tassels

€55.00  €33.00
4 available colours

Floral dévoré velvet maxi dress

€545.00  €327.00

Floaty satin jumpsuit

€279.00  €223.00
2 available colours

Floaty satin palazzo trousers

€195.00  €136.00
2 available colours

High-heeled satin sandals

€209.00  €125.00
2 available colours

Blazer in pure linen

€229.00  €160.00

Swoon. Arty florals exude modern romance.

Printed canvas maxi-clutch bag

€95.00  €66.00
3 available colours

Midi dress in envers satin

€229.00  €183.00

Wide-leg trousers

€189.00  €132.00

Flared corolla skirt in ottoman fabric

€185.00  €129.00
3 available colours

Crépon blouse with rhinestones

€139.00  €97.00
2 available colours

Stretch silk/satin V-neck top

€159.00  €111.00
4 available colours

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