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Rock Chic

With the band

Access all areas: downtown’s cool girls are ready to go uptown this season with headlining looks that blend rock-n-roll swagger with bourgeois elegance.

Remix the rules by teaming leather with polished tailoring and florals with animal print.

Double-breasted blazer

2 available colours

Polo neck with puffed cuffs

4 available colours

Suede ankle boots

2 available colours

Tiger-striped jewel collar


Mini skirt with gold buttons


Jacquard pattern blazer

2 available colours

Up all night: turn up your favourite pieces after dark with simple styling tweaks.

Pure silk shirt


Quilted Dot mini bag

2 available colours

Necklace with chain and ribbons


Tulle jersey turtleneck

2 available colours

Jacquard pattern blazer

2 available colours

Slim-fit jacket


Tough luxe: chunky chain belts and metallic buttons bring glamour to every look.

Tailored pea coat

3 available colours

Jumper with inlaid stripes


Floral twill shirt

2 available colours

Ribbed tricot dress


Runaway wool coat

2 available colours

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